2014 Retrospect

It’s a little odd for a blog with as little content as mine to post a retrospect, but this is as good a place for me to post it as anywhere–certainly, this will get linked on my various social media, and this site encapsulates many of my most important thoughts (insert joke here about lack of content).

To start with, for the few readers I have, there are pages of half completed articles. But I’m dedicated to being accurate and precise with what I write, and that takes both time and energy. While I’d like to merely spew out opinions as fact, I care about trying to present the closest model of reality that I can, which means that I need to do more reading. And every step of reading reveals more–which unfortunately takes time and energy. That being said, I do have some significant content and announcements coming. Trying to figure out what priority and how much time I have for each, but they are coming.

2014 has been an interesting year for me. One year ago, I decided that my venture at the time (Prokalkeo) was going to no longer actively be pursuing contracts. This decision was hard, but the finances weren’t there. I spent the next six months studying and realizing that a good place to take my career would be into business analysis/sales engineering, and was lucky enough to be hired at Logi Analytics as a Sales Engineer/Business Intelligence Consultant. It’s been a wonderful place–I learn something new every day, and have had to stretch my capabilities both technologically and in dealing with customers.

I began building a new framework for modeling technology development, at which point I started this blog (which might have been premature). I made new friends and acquaintances I hope to keep in my life, and reconnected with old ones. I started building software tools to help me the next time I pursue the ideals that Prokalkeo was created in pursuit of.

I’ve done a lot of writing, though much of it wasn’t on this blog unfortunately (for reasons laid out above). I’ve learned more about what matters to me–I won’t say that it’s ‘the simple things’ or that ‘it’s not things that matter’. Don’t worry, I am as committed to my ambitions as ever. But I realized that free speech matters to me strongly, and that truth must be pursued, even sometimes at the cost of renown (part of the reason I have been slow in publishing my models).

2015 is a new year, filled with new ideas and new achievements. I hope to become a much more accomplished programmer, and publish early parts of my technological development models. I hope to finish building early iterations of tools, as well. I’ve recently started a site (another one, I know), http://codespellcodex.com for tracking development of spells for the new sandbox game ‘CodeSpells’, which you are welcome to check out.

That all being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and 2015.




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